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Welcome to my updated favorite photos page. Better late than never right?:) These are pictures of myself, my friends, and special moments and memories that we've all shared. I dedicate this page to all of my friends, especially those far away. I miss you all.

The pictures are divided into two groupings, Clark University memories and Home memories. The newest photos will be added to the top of each section respectively. Feel free to email me with any thoughts, memories, and ESPECIALLY with any other pictures that you may have and want me to put up. If I get enough pictures from either friends at home or Clark people, I may set the two categories as separate pages. I hope you enjoy these memories as much I do. Also, if you absolutely hate the picture of yourself that I have chosen for this page, feel free to send me another and I may replace it (my discretion depending on picture content). Finally, please remember that these captions are all in fun, so don't go getting all offended and sending me nasty e-mails:).

Click on the picture to get the full version in a new window. Let me know if you experience any problems.



Bo (Before pic)
Me from pre-2001:
"the before pic"

Bo (After pic)
Me now:
"the after pic"

Another pic of me –
not bad right?;)

Jared – to whom I
owe a lot

Shawn and Vadim
Shawn & Vadim
peeing like champions

Viet hangin' out
on a New York trip

Some pictures speak
for themselves...

Me behind bars
in Alcatraz

Elizabeth and Bo
Elizabeth & I in a
tree at Muir Woods

Elizabeth and Bo
Elizabeth & I at a
winery in Napa Valley

Adam at my party
Adam Fahy at my
birthday party

Bo with Klingon
Me with a Klingon
in Las Vegas

Bo with Ferengi
Me with a Ferengi
in Las Vegas

Max Daddy & I
rooming in New York

Kat, Kristi, and Amie
Kat, Kristi & Amie
at one of my b-days

Elizabeth in Missouri
at Dave's wedding

Geoff and Audrey
Geoff & Audrey
Aren't they cute..?:)

Elizabeth and Bo
Elizabeth & I on a
random camping trip

Jed, Kelly, and Riley
Jed, Kelly, & their
first child Riley

Bo and Gail
Gail – the best boss
ever..hands down

Matt and Bo
The Great Sir Matt & I
at a Christmas party

Viet, Vadim, and Abey
Viet, Vadim & Abey
at Six Flags

Geoff, Abey, and Shawn
Geoff, Abey &
Shawn on the train

Shawn, Vadim, and Geoff
Shawn, Vadim &
Geoff on a road trip

Vadim, Max, and Shawn
Vadim, Max & Shawn
in Syracuse, NY

Vic, Toni, Greg, Elizabeth, Kat, and Amie
Vic, Toni, Greg
Elizabeth, Kat & Amie

Vadim, Viet, and Marom
Vadim, Viet & Marom
during a NY visit

Shawn, Adam, and Bo
Shawn, Adam & I
at Coney Island

Geoff, me, Vadim, Ilya, and Shawn
The Brookline boys
at New Years Eve

Abey, Vadim, Megan, Jed, Kelly, me, Max, and Viet
I can't remember the
wedding this is from..

Geoff, Elizabeth, me, Toni, Greg, Regina, Vadim, Amie, Kat, and Vic
All the gang at
Andrea's wedding

Regina, Vadim, Amie, me, Elizabeth, Ilya, and Kristi
A group of us at
Amie's wedding

Max, Marom, me, Vadim, Serena, Shawn, Jed, Adam, Beth, and Karin
A group of us at
Jed's wedding

A grinning Bo at the
office Christmas party

Chris and Jared
Chris & Jared at an
office Christmas party

Caryn-Amy and Brian
Caryn-Amy & Brian
in a close-up

Geoff, Me, Vadim, Ilya, and Shawn at New Years
Best of friends at a
New Years party

Bo playing pool
Me playing pool
with my big skill

Shawn Geoff & Leslie
A comfy Shawn with
Geoff & Leslie

Jared, Myself, Adam, Naomi & Vadim
Jared, Myself, Adam,
Naomi, & Vadim

Bo with Antarian
Me with an Antarian
in Las Vegas

Bo with a Warp-Core Breach
Me with a Warp-Core
Breach in Las Vegas

Geoff by the rocks
in San Diego

Ilya, Christy, Marom, Ashley, Vadim, Elizabeth, Adam, Lesley, Geoff, Jed, Viet, Jeff, Caryn-Amy, and Kelly
Group shot from
the 2006 party



Kat on one of her
many European treks

Pammy – My friend
who never calls me

Viet from the
old D&D days

A picture of
Kelly at work

Chris, my inspiration
for relearning guitar

The first picture
Kelly ever sent me

Vadim hangin' out
in my old room

Amie and Marom
Amie & Marom on
his balcony in Ohio

Kelly and Bo
Kelly & I after one
of the Cape Parties

Shawn and Geoff
Shawn & Geoff
in a car shot

Amie, Geoff and Vadim
Amie, Geoff & Vadim
at a Christmas party

Vadim and Amie
Vadim & Amie and that Beck??

Andrea, Bo, Amie and Chris
Andrea, me, Amie &
Chris at my old place

Andrea, Lauren and Ilya
Andrea, Lauren & Ilya
at a Christmas party

Andrea, Bo, Amie, Toni, Vadim, and Erin
Andrea, me, Amie,
Toni,Vadim, & Erin

Andrea, Geoff, Liz, Vadim, Amie and Ilya
Andrea, Geoff, Liz,
Vadim, Amie & Ilya

A picture of me
many birthdays ago

Toni being patriotic in
front of my flag

Amie and Toni
Amie & Toni partying
in New York city

Shawn and Serena
Shawn & Serena at a
Halloween Cape party

Ilya, Andrea and Geoff
Ilya, Andrea & Geoff
at my B-day party

Toni, Andrea and Kat
Toni, Andrea & Kat
at my B-day party

Dwayne, (Kat's friend), Kat, Toni, Beth, Karin and Marom
Group shot at a
Halloween Cape party




Steve as Mr. T
"I pity the fool who
mocks my costume"

Mark and I
Mark & I when I
was in New York

Tom and Mark
Tom & Mark hangin'
in Europe

Tom and Misha
Tom & Misha chowin'
at Snackbar Bobo

Tom, Russ and Mark
Tom, Russ & Mark
just hangin' out

Mark, Tom and Misha
Deep discussions
over deep dish

Tom, Erika, Russ and Mark
Tom, Erika, Russ &
Mark at Tom's place

Tom and Allah
Tom & Allah
hard at work

Steve and Mark
"...and we're here to
pump *clap* you up"

Einstein: "What is
with this bozo??"

Russ, Tom, Erika, Jeremy, Lisa, Steve, me, and Naomi
A group of us in
DC for July 4th

Steve and Mark
Steve & Mark
riding the Metro

Tom, a truly
sexy beast

Mark, Tom, Russ and Erika
The Beaver Trappers
at brunch in DC

Tom and Mark
Tom & Mark stylin'
before Russ' wedding

Russ and Erika
Russ & Erika
as groom & bride

Clark News cutout from Russ' wedding
Clark News cutout
about Russ' wedding

Dave before his
wedding in Missouri

Kelly and Dave
Kelly & Dave
as bride & groom

Matt and Jen
Jen & Matt
as bride & groom

Steve, Lisa, Erika, and Russ
Group shot at
Mark's wedding

Mark and Franny
Mark & Franny
as man & wife

Russ and Dave
Russ & Dave
at the Trap

Russ and Dave
Back in the day:
Russ & Dave 1995

Russ and Erika
I call it:
"Portrait of College"

The look from
senior year 1997



Me on my one and
only good hair day

Hangin' with Dave at
his place in St. Louis

A hungry Erika getting
ready to cook dinner

Jen F
Jen F hangin' in her
room senior year

A distant Spanks
emerging from the sea

My roommate Nazim
from senior year

Nissa just hangin'
at the Beaver Trap

This was how Phil's
room looked 24/7

"Is anyone else
warm over here?"

"The Rusty Grotto"..
What a cool bar name

Tom and Benny Hill
Tom with a wax
Benny Hill figure

Tom in New York
Tom showing me
around in New York

Ah, the time spent at
Wendys. Thx Annie

Who remembers this
forgotten stranger?

Jen K
The elusive Jen K in
a rare photo moment

Mark (a/k/a Spanks)
happy as can be

Missy caught in a
moment of thought

A thirsty Mr. Russell
getting a drink

Look out! It's Super
Tommy to the rescue!

My roommate Umar
from sophmore year

Andy and Tom
Andy "Gravy" & Tom
sharing a moment

Dave and Bo
Dave & myself on one
of Dave's visits

Russ and Dave
Russ & Dave.
A great picture

Erika and Jen
Erika & Jen laughin'
it up at Wendy's

Erin and Steve
Erin & Steve at
the last dance

Jamie and Sherry
Jamie & Sherry at
the last dance

Jen and Tom
Tom & Jen in Tom's
room freshman year

Mike and Erin
Mike & Erin at
the last dance

Missy and Yaz
Missy & Yaz at
the last dance

Nissa and Erika
Nissa & Erika
hangin' at Wendy's

Rochelle and Nomi
Rochelle & Nomi at
the last dance

Dave and Russ
Dave, Russ & I on
our trip to Acadia

Lisa, Nomi and Bo
Lisa, Nomi & I at
the last dance

Tom, Mark and Jamie
Tom, Mark & Jamie
hard at work

Gravy, Durgee, Jess and Tara
Gravy, Durgee, Jess
& Tara at Wendy's

Mark, Erika, Tom and Russ
Mark, Erika, Tom &
Russ on July 4th

Mike, Missy, Bo, Vadim and Andrea
Mike, Missy, Amie,
me, Vadim & Andrea

The General Lee
The General Lee &
Hey! Is that Cooter??

Steve, Lisa, Mark, Russ, Erika, Tom and Jen
July 4th weekend
I missed in DC

July 4th in DC
July 4th weekend
when I was in DC

Marcel in his
room freshman year

Rejected army
recruiting posters...

There are no words
for this one...

Steve headin' for the
local waterin' hole

Tom and Jen
Tom just being
Tom freshman year

Russ and Tom
Tom the chow hound
in a candid moment