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Greetings all! Welcome back to my finally updated website. Yes it took a while, but at long last, it's finally happened...better late than never...:) For the most part, the biggest changes to take place include:

  • The look and feel: Obvious - hope you like it:)
  • The speed: A lot of the changes took place "behind the scenes" in the code, but the result for you will be a faster page download. I know how much everyone hated waiting for the Pictures page to load...
  • Star Trek sound effects and animated icons: (I know a couple of web developers who'll be happy about this one)..all sounds and animations have been removed. They'll be sorely missed (by me at least), but I guess all good things...
  • The Counter: The counter has been removed for now. If it returns it'll be one I've built myself.
  • No more "Please Note: This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0+": The site should now look pretty much the same in (hopefully) any browser being used to view it.
  • The Daily Page: Perhaps you've heard the whispers in the distant past and never thought it would happen..but at long e-zine LIVES!!:) This page will replace the former Audio/Video page. It was an initial effort that never quite panned out.
  • General new content including: some new links, some new quotes, and a bunch of new photos. I know that's the only reason that most of you visit the site..:) (and remember I'm always looking to add more, so send them along if you have any good ones.)
  • Guestbook: This isn't that new, but you can now both view and sign the guestbook from the same link, unlike before.

For those new to, this is my homepage, which includes an introduction and some basic information about me. The newest page is called the Daily Page. It will have content that changes daily, so come back and visit often! My links page is full of the most interesting and entertaining links that I have come across in my web travels. A great place to kill time, or learn a few things. Then there is a page of some of my favorite quotes, listed alphabetically by author. Finally, there is a photos page with pictures of me and all of my friends, which I'll hopefully keep adding to regularly. Please feel free to email me with any feedback about my site, or better yet, sign my Guestbook!:).

Now a little info about myself. I am 33 years old, live in Woburn Mass, and I'm a Web Developer. My birthday is August 5th, I'm a Leo, and I love all types of music. For fun I like to read, hangout with my friends, watch TV, workout at the gym, and I'm finally learning how to cook!:) I also try to get in some non-work computer time during my days, where I primarily develop web pages, surf the web, and get a little game play in every now and again.

Additionally, I like playing guitar, studying foreign languages, and am a major Trekkie:). So now that you know a little about me, tell me a little about you by taking a minute or two to sign my Guestbook.

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